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All Vampire teenagers have to get an education somewhere.
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 Helios M. Venus

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PostSubject: Helios M. Venus   Helios M. Venus Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2008 2:38 pm

Name: Helios M. Venus
Gender: Male
Birth date: 4/8/1990
Place of Birth: New York City
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Weight: 235lbs
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Body Type: Muscular

Personality: He is quiet and usually keeps to himself but is a vicious when it comes to fighting especially when he or his late family is disrespected.

History: At a young age Helios was subjected to beating by his father and he wondered why this was happing to him but never found an answer because his family was killed. He left the country and now resides in Romania seeing that he has some distant family over there who told him of a private school he decided to go check it out since he never finished back in America . Hoping to meet others there and to get away from his horrible violent past but not knowing what he is getting into

Description of self
Even though He is 18 Helios is 6'3 and 235lb human Adonis. He used to be made fun of when he was young since he was overweight but when he got in the gym and began exercising he dropped 100lbs of fat and gained 50 pounds of pure muscule.

Class list
(6 classes your taking)
• Health
• History
• Geography
• Gym
• Hunting 101
• Defense 101

(list 5)
• Cars
• Reading


• To find his family’s killers
• To find the right woman

Biggest fears
• Becoming a killer

•Seeing others hurt
• Being useless

• Fast learner
• Quick thinker

Role-Play sample:
He stood outside the large gates staring at the large main building he looked arounded at all the other students in thier uniforms. He was reluctant to go inside but he opened the gate and walked inside anyway. He was being stared at by the other students when he glared back at them and they all look away scared because of his powerful looks. Each female student stared in amazement at him and his amazing Adonis like looks.

He walked inside and went to the admissions office and reigistered himself and walked out with his duffle bag over his shoulder holding all his clothes and other important items. He went to get his classes and it took him a hour to do it since the semester had just started. When he finshed that he went to get measured for his uniform which was quick since he got there before the others. Then he found out he was being dropped back to to the 10th grade but he didnt complain, then he finally went to find his dorm partner.

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Helios M. Venus
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