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All Vampire teenagers have to get an education somewhere.
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PostSubject: Saraphina Lyra McDowell   Saraphina Lyra McDowell Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2008 1:58 pm

I Enroll
Saraphina Lyra McDowell Michelletrachtenberg1-1


Full Name Saraphina Lyra McDowell

Year 10th

Age 16

Birthday October 31

Nationality England

Class list
(6 classes your taking)
•Defense 101
•Vampire Powers 101

Gender Female

Sexuality Straight

As they grew up
History (2-4 paragraphs)
She was born and raised as an only child in a wealthy Vampire family. Her mother runs several clothing boutiques in L.A., New York, Miami, Milan, London, and Paris. Her father is a a leader in the vampire community. She is spoiled and gets everything she wants.

When she became a Vampire her parents sent her away to attend Duchesne Academy so that she could recieve the best education possible. They never had time to spend with her because of their busy lives. She came to Duchesne as a ninth grader and within the first week everyone followed her. She rules the school.

And They Act Like.
(2-4 paragraphs on personality)
She is a normal vampire teenager and tries to act as such. She loves to go shopping and hang out with her many friends and admirers. She is a vain person and thinks she is God's gift to the world because of her good looks. She uses her body to get her way and if that doesn't work she uses money. She has anger problems. It doesn't show unless she doesn't get her way. When she is mad people call her by her middle name, Lyra, even though she hates it.

She always has her ipod with her so that she can listen to music whenever she wants to. She loves to dance and sing. She plays the piano, guitar, and the violin. She loves to be surrounded by people but she has to be the center of everything. She loves to party and is a superb party planner. She is creative in many ways.

Full Description on looks
(2-4 paragraphs)
She has long brunette, wavy hair and brilliant blue eyes. She is five foot seven and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds because of her athletic personality. She has a flawless figure and picture perfect skin and complection. She prides herself on her looks and takes extra care to look her best at all times.

She wears all of the latest fashions and knows just how to look good. She almost always wears a pair of heels of some fashion. Her look is versatile, so that she can fit in with any clique that she wants to. She just chooses to be in the popular crowd. She accesorizes well with her outfits and her clothing says a lot about her upbringing in the wealthy side of life.

And the other information

(list 5)

•People that doesn't like her
•people that judge her
•not getting her way

•To become a fashion designer
•Graduating at the top of her class
•Getting married and starting a family

Biggest fears
•Being expelled
•Disappointing her parents
•To become a failure in life

•She is vain
•She relies on other people's opinions
•She desires what isn't hers.

•She can buy whatever she wants
•Her Beauty
•Her musical talents and brains

My Roleplay Looks Like This
(2-6 well rp paragraphs)
Sara walked through the halls. People seemed to just move out of her way. It was too easy to live her life. Everything was perfect. She always got what she wanted and very few people crossed her. Money and attitude was everything, and she had both.

She made her way to her dorm room, her heels clicking on the marble floor. She wanted to get out of this damned uniform. Classes were done for the day and she had better things she could be wearing. Her dog back home had better clothes. But as far as uniforms went they weren't too bad.

Anything Else
She is at home in nature and has visions of the future. She can hear people's thoughts.
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Saraphina Lyra McDowell
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