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 Baki kira

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PostSubject: Baki kira   Baki kira Icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2009 5:42 am

I Enroll
[img]Baki kira Yagami_Light_by_Artemex[/img]


Full Name:Baki kira


Nationality: born in japan but raised in U.S

Class list
(6 classes your taking)
•hunting 101
•vampire powers 101



Birthday: may tenth 1994

As they grew up
his father died before he was even born his mother left japan in hopes of raiseing the boy alone but
was beaten to death by a gang of thugs but help arrived to late as a mysterious vampire dressed in red easily deafeated the gang he sniffed the air and sensed the boy.he bit into baki's neck and tasted "your blood is pure boy only few humans have such good blood" and turned baki into a vampire. he spent the rest of his days in a ophange. he was among very well condition sense he enetered wrestling and football(lineman) and was well in both sports do to his strengh and was exptionally well brought up as he gotten a scholorship( h got 2 one for academics the other for wrestling) at the age of 12 and left to join Duchesen academy.

And They Act Like.
he is a genuis and shy around people he knows little about and his social skills is still at a low level.his IQ is over 200 and likes reading manga and comic books of diffrent varites and drawing some too and over time he began writing a weekley series for shonen jump!. he doesnt want people to know he wrotes manga so he use the pen name "spiderman" (ooc:told you i was a nerd). when he gets nervous he twidles his thumb and bites the tip of it and when he gets mad he clucthes his fists tightley.

Full Description on looks
baki has brown hair, almond shaped brown eyes,suprisseingley enough he is in very fit shape despite being a vampire and also very resorceful in situations.

And the other information

•skillet (fav band)
•flirting (pretty much all he's good at)

•"your momma" jokes

•become #1 student with highest GPA
•get another scholorship for wrestling or football
•become popular in his new school

Biggest fears
•commitment (ooc:not in RL but for the sake of comedy i will make my character have a nose bleed and fall over when the words marriage,steady,love, or forever is mentioned)
•swimming ( my character is a amatur swimmer he can go in spa's and pools like that but in the ocean he almost died once so hes horrified of oceans)

•he can never say no to a pretty face
•he STINKS at swimming
•he is very shy

•hes smart IQ=215
•he's super strong and in good shape
• he can pick up new things almost in a instant

My Roleplay Looks Like This

Baki looked outside the class room window and hoped that where ever his parents are that their in peace. he softley closed his eyes and laided his head on the desk in a calmed like manner dreaaming sweet dreams that gave a warmness in his heart.

sweat trickled down behind baki's ear as his opponet had him in a half nelson lock and he despratley tried to get out of it without using his enchenched strengh to win. he knew a counter but had to reach for his ankle before he can grabb it his hand now feeling the effects of the macth shaked as baki only managed to grabb it and roll the opponets back on the mat going for a pin. since baki weighed a few pounds more than his opponet the other guy ahd difficulty getting out of the pin and as soon as the refere counted 5 and sounded the bell siganling baki's victory his whole team cheered and appluaded with loud roaring voices.baki raised his handin truimpth he won and victory never tasted sweeter than it has now
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PostSubject: Re: Baki kira   Baki kira Icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2009 9:21 am

You Are Accepted.

Baki kira Goodbyeswillalwayshurt
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Baki kira
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