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All Vampire teenagers have to get an education somewhere.
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Eva Heartley

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PostSubject: Eva Marie Heartley   Eva Marie Heartley Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 2:49 pm

I Enroll
Eva Marie Heartley L_c145021f4730c39effd6177556f2cdd6


Full Name Eva Marie Heartley


Age 23

Nationality American

Gender Female

Sexuality Straight

Birthday October 31

As they grew up
History (at least one paragraph)
She was born an only child. When she was four her mother died. Her father hated looking at her because she looked so much like her mother. When she began trasforming to a vampire he jumped on the chance to send her away to Duchesne. She soon graduated and was offered a role as teacher. She accepted and began teaching whatever classes she could. She is the main sub along with teaching Astrology, health, and Drama. Students like to talk to her about issues they have because she is understanding.

And They Act Like.
(at least one paragraph)
She is firm but caring. She was raised under her fathers hate so she learned to be open and loving to others. She is understanding and always has a piece of advice for any situation. She plays music in her classroom when there is not a lecture going on. She believes that it helps people concentrate. She will rarely get angry and when she does, steer clear of her.

Full Description on looks
(at least one paragraph)
Her looks does not reflect her personality. She is Goth and has been that way since she was eleven. She has black hair and blue eyes. She is five foot nine and has a slim figure. Her style is that of a normal goth but she doesn't always wear black. She will occasionally throw in a vibrant color with her black clothing. She has a scar on her back from being burned while trying to save a student trapped in a burning dorm.

And the other information

(list 5)
• students
• music
• singing
• teaching

• her father
• judgemental people

• To keep her pupils from failing

Biggest fears
• She will be kicked off of the teaching staff
• One of her students would die

• Her kindness

• Her views
• Her optimism
• Her understanding personality

My Roleplay Looks Like This
(2-6 well rp paragraphs)
Eva sat at her desk. Classes were done for the day, but she still had some work to do. Papers needed to be graded and she still needed to write out the quiz for tomorrow. She had a meeting with one of her students in an hour. How had this year run so smoothly. Everytime she looked, something was going wrong. The school was almost closed last year when one of the students thought it would be fun to set the dorm on fire with his roomate still asleep. He was expelled and she was left with a scar from saving the poor boy.

So why had she come back? If this place was so out of control last year, why did she think it would be better? Simple, she loved to teach these students too much. When she had first attended Duchesne, she saw this place as her home. She hated to return to her father in the summer. So she wanted to be a constant in these kids life. She wanted to be here to help them if they ever needed it.

Anything Else
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Eva Marie Heartley
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