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 General Rules (must read)

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General Rules (must read) Empty
PostSubject: General Rules (must read)   General Rules (must read) Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2008 1:07 pm

I know, no one likes them, but we have to have them. So follow them and you shall prosper.

1. No God-moding. You cannot control other characters. You cannot be invinsible. No one is all powerful.

2. All content is to be PG-13 or cleaner. That means no sex or drugs.

3. Swearing is allowed to an extent. You may use swear words as long as you don't use it after every word

4. Do not treat other people like trash.

5. Be patient. Not all people can be on twenty-four seven, so only post one time until it is replied to.

6. On that same note. Try to be on as often as possible. If you are going to be out for a while, let someone in charge know.

7. All posts should be written in past tense and like a book. So when you do something it is not in quotation marks.

8. No racism or racist remarks.

9. Don't ask to be a moderator. You will be appointed as seen fit. Asking will put you on the bottom of the list of choices. There is no more places for admins.

10. You may have multiple accounts, but no more than three. It tends to get complicated after that.

11. Rules will be changed as we see fit.

There is uniforms, and while attending classes they must be worn. This is a private boarding school.

General Rules (must read) LargeAnimePaperscans_Tsubasa-Reserv
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General Rules (must read)
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