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 Alucard Snow

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PostSubject: Alucard Snow   Alucard Snow Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 11:32 am

I enroll


Name: Alucard Snow

Age: 16

Nationality: Scottish

Class List:
Hunting 101
Powers 101
Defence 101

Gender: male

Sexuality: Straight


Was born on 30th of January 1991 to Domi & Dracula. He had a hard upbringing, he was heavily punished. His mother died & his father went crazy & abandoned him at 5.

He was taken to the church & raised as a hunter, he was one of 2 special A rank hunters. The other was a girl called Angel, the two of them worked as a team to take out the more powerful supernatural beings. They inevitably fell in love & got married, a couple years later later she turned & was taken in by his father. Alucard left the church to look for his wife, he found her after she had ravaged an entire village where he killed her. He was found by a grave almost starved to death.

And They Act Like

Alucard is cold & distant, he wants to find love again but doesn't want to face the chance of heartbreak again. He will reveal little about himself & is very intelligent, he can memorise something after seeing it once.

He has no respect for authority & only respects those with skill. He fears being alone & is hesitant in matters of love.

Full description of looks

He is 6 foot 2 & is skinny with a well toned & muscled body. His skin is slightly tanned & he wears a couple earrings. His hair is white & he has black eyes.

He wears all black or white or trimmed with the other colour. The shirts he wears have chains on it & he wears gloves with transmutation circles on them.



To be a good father
To raise good children
To get married to "the one"

Being like his father
Being alone

His heart
His video games
His arrogance at his skill

His mind
His money
His indifference
My Roleplay Looks like This

"Alucard Snow!" the man says "Ha, what a name my son!" the vampire attacks him but Alucard is ready for it, he activities his Gea Bolg lance & it pierces the heart of Dracula. "The Gea Bolg my son? Where did you get it?" he asks Alucard, "In mother's tomb! You would know if you had ever went there!" he draws his sword & decapitates his father.

He is walking the long road home when his body erupts in pain. He screams & curls up in the fetal position, the pain racks his body for hours. He knows what he is becoming, a creature like the ones that hurt him, his father & his wife... both vampires, both dead, killed by him.
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Alucard Snow
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