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 Ryan Ebson

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Ryan Ebson

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PostSubject: Ryan Ebson   Ryan Ebson Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 6:06 am

I Enroll
(photo of your Char.)


Full Name Ryan Ebson

Year 1st

Age 13

Nationality American

Class list
•Vampire Powers 101
•Hunting 101
•Defense 101

Gender Male

Sexuality Straight

Birthday October 8, 1995

History (at least one paragraph): Ryan was born and lived in America. His parents were notorious amongst the vampires, known for needlessly killing humans and taking blood. Although authorities have attempted to capture them, they have escaped every time, and are hidden somewhere in the country, but no one, not even Ryan, knows where.

And They Act Like: Ryan is usually very nice to people, and for that reason makes a lot of friends. Although he, like everyone else in the world, has a bad side to him, and his is one you would never wish to be on. When angry, Ryan is violent and dangerous, and normally would attack anyone that comes too near him or tries to calm him down. Unfortunately, Ryan won't feel guilty about anything he has done to anyone until after he is calmed down, something that only time can help with.

Full Description on looks
(at least one paragraph)

And the other information

(list 5)



Biggest fears



My Roleplay Looks Like This
(2-6 well rp paragraphs)

Anything Else

Will edit later...don't feel like continuing right now.
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Ryan Ebson
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