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PostSubject: Selene Anna Vordov   Selene Anna Vordov Icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2008 5:03 pm

I Enroll
Selene Anna Vordov Beautifulgirlwithblackhair-1


Full Name: Selene Anna Vordov

Year: 12th

Age: 17

Nationality: Russian/Romanian

Class list
(6 classes your taking)
•Vampire Powers 101
•Defense 101
•Hunting 101

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Birthday: 1/12/91

As they grew up
History (at least one paragraph)
Selene was born in Russia but was raised in Romania. She picked up on many languages and can speak most of them perfectly without an accent, except when she is angry and speaking in english does her Romanian accent show. Her parents never took much interest in her until she was accepted into Duchesne Academy when she first turned into a vampire at age 14. Only after a few months of going to the prestigious school did Selene find out that her family was slaughtered and that she inherited a large amount of money and such. Her family was the richest vampires in all of Russia and Romania which now leaves her as the richest vampire in all of Russia and Romania. It was for that reason that Selene kept to herself because she didn't want a bunch of people calling themselves her friends when they only wanted her money. Now into her senior year at Duchesne did she finally decide that she wanted to find love and a true friend.

And They Act Like.
(at least one paragraph)
Selene is a quiet, shy person but very simple. Her voice though personifies that she is strong and courageous when she speaks, but when she sings, her true self is shown as a kind, almost angelic person. But Selene has trust issues, but once she is able to trust someone, she is the best type of friend to have. She likes to keep a low profile about her richness but still has good goth fashion style.

Full Description on looks
(at least one paragraph)
Selene has thick, waist length black hair that has natural dark blue highlights in it and lovely golden eyes. She is almost always seen wearing a corset and arm length gloves and have no finger coverings. When it comes to bottoms, she either wears a black jean mini skirt with black stockings or fish nets, or she is seen in black leather jeans. With shoes, she likes to wear her black combat boots or her black ballet flats. She has a generally pale skin tone and doesn't wear much make-up because her lips are naturally a dark red and her cheeks are almost always blushed a very light pink, but the only make-up she does wear is eyeliner and mascara. Selene is tall for a female at six feet and weighs a hundred and twenty-six pounds. Her body is well toned with muscle thanks to her dancing but she is still fairly skinny, meaning she has a hot bod.

And the other information

(list 5)
•good people


•find true love
•become a famous singer and actress
•find a best friend

Biggest fears
•being alone forever
•not finding love
•being a failure


•love for her likes
•feelings toward others

My Roleplay Looks Like This
(2-6 well rp paragraphs)
Selene walked around in the garden of the campus, singing quietly to herself. When she got to the roses, she began to dance around them. Soon the wind blew, causing the petals of the roses to fly about, but instead of going everywhere, they all whirled around Selene as she danced and sang a song of love but also of loneliness.

When she finished, then wind stopped blowing and the rose petals fell gently to the ground and some fell into her hair. As she looked around, Selene noticed a group of guys gawking at her from behind different trees because of their attraction to her. Then she sighed and quickly ran off back to her room in the female dorm.
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Selene Anna Vordov
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